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Fuel costs and how to keep them down.

TransConnector Admin21.October 2019

Fuel costs account to 40% of the total costs of the road transportation with lorries. So how can we decrease the fuel consumption? There are several ways:

1) Route selection. Obviously, less miles travelled equals less fuel consumed. But be wary of the road taxes! Also, shortest routing might not always mean less fuel consumption (small roads / more “brake-gas” driving, mountains, restrictions).

2) Driver behavior. Brake-gas kind of drivers can waste up to 50% of more gasoline. Just by changing the driving habits of these drivers, the company can save money on fuel. 

3) Avoiding empty drives. Each empty drive basically means burning the fuel without sending a cheque to anybody. A good fleet manager can minimize the number of empty trips. 

4) More economic lorries (including aerodynamic measures). There might be a significant difference on the fuel consumption of two vehicles. This is definitely a characteristic to observe when buying a new truck!

5) Choosing the places where to purchase fuel. Even in Europe, the taxes on fuel and thus the fuel prices can vary by twofold in different countries. It makes sense to buy the gasoline in countries where it is cheaper. In the longer run the difference can be quite significant!

You can find information about fuel prices all over the Europe at IRU website on address: https://www.iru.org/resources/tools-apps/fuel-prices or request the information from Your fuel provider. Please, share us Your ideas to keep fuel costs down!

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