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New Tender solution on TransConnector

TransConnector Admin05.February 2020

We are happy to announce that TransConnector has a new solution for Tenders.  

We completely redesigned our Create Tender and Tender page. 

Now you can have a better overview of latest Tenders and it is easy to filter them by country or postal code. We have also added a radius filter so you can define your search by a location and find tenders near the destination of your selection.

If you want more information about the Tender just click on the offer and then you will see a dialog with all the important details about the Tender on the right side of your screen. If you want more information about the company that created the offer just click on the company name and you will see all the information and feedback about the company. 

While creating the new Tender solution we also focused on mobile usability. 
Our new Tender is really mobile user friendly. It is really convenient to scroll through Tender offers and instantly send message to the company who published it. It is even easier to publish your own Tender offers straight from your phone while you are on the move. 

We can confidently say that TransConnector now has the most advanced and user friendly mobile environment on the Tender and Roundtrip market. 
Go check it out yourself.

Our team of leading developers are working consistently to make TransConnector better.

More worth the wait updates in 2020:

1) Completely new my account section.
2) Ability to add multiple users under the same company.
3) Brand new live application for one time loads offers

You can currently join TransConnector for a 30% discount
using discount code: newTC (offer is valid only for 6 and 12 month subscription plans)

To help us make TransConnector the best it can be, we are awaiting for your feedback. 
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